DIY Homemade Natural Hair Deep Conditioner

So I decided to give my hair some needed loving. I wanted to deep condition my hair but did not want to go out and buy a deep conditioner. So what do you do? You MAKE your own. Lol!

I haven't washed my hair in 2 weeks and have been using Gels and products with mineral oil so I needed a good hair and scalp cleaning. I shampooed with Shea Moisture Smooth and Repair shampoo and got my scalp clean and ready for conditioning.

I poured a generous amount of Tresseme Naturals Conditioner in a bowl. Then I added a generous amount of honey, about 2 tablespoon of Jamaican Black Castor oil and 2 drops of Tea Tree oil. I mixed it all up and applied it to my hair in sections and made sure the entire shaft was coated.

Massaging the mixture into my scalp felt so good. The tingling sensation from the Tea Tree Oil left my scalp feeling heavenly. I put a cap on and took a nap for an hour. When I rinsed my hair, it felt so soft. The honey gave the conditioner a moisturizing boost. It was so soft to the touch and my curls were springy and it was shiny.

I love the results so much it reminded me how important a deep conditioning session is. I saw more hair coming out than I wanted to see but that's my punishment for slacking on deep conditioning my hair. All shed hair and single strand knots were gone. This will definitely be a weekly ritual.

Do you create your own homemade hair mixtures? Please share!

~Glam Natural Life


  1. I love mixing up deep conditioners. I like a base of 4-8 oz of conditioner (Nature's Gate is one of my favorite bases currently), and then I'll add oils, honey, molasses, and pureed fruits/veggies (I've tried carrots, avocados and bananas so far). They can be a bit messy, but the moisture is intensified :-) I might start looking into making protein DCs too - made from yoghurt, mayonnaise, etc. Naptural85 has a recipe that looks good. I just need to get around to buying some Greek yoghurt lol.

  2. I am still so in love with this DIY deep conditioner. My only change is that I use tresseme naturals conditioner as the base instead of RenPure. Love love love it.


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