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My 2 Week Protective Styling

Hey Guys! So, remember in my Low Manipulation post I had said that I was going to leave my hair alone and do a protective style? As you know, my version of protective styling was doing flat twist and buns that can last at least up to 3 days without redoing my hair. However leaving a style in my hair for longer than 3 days was unheard for me because my hair gets frizzy quite easily.

Well I did not comb my hair for 2 weeks and I love it.

Glam Natural Life - Protective Style on Natural Hair
Protective Style: Roll, Tuck and Pin Updo with Twists

I washed, Conditioned and wore my hair stretched in a bun to air dry. When my hair was about 80-90% dry, I moisturized it then did small twists my hair. I believe it took me the entire episode of So You Think You Can Dance to finish. Lol! My hair is on the thin side so wearing twists hanging don't work out too well for me; so that was not even an option. So, I roll tuck and pinned the twist and BOOM - It was Hot.

I rocked this style for a serious week and a half. All I did was mist with water and tie at night. If necessary I might put some edge control on the sides. Done!

After a week, it was getting too frizzy and I missed my hair down so I prepared for a twist-out. I mist with water then pin the hair to my head with bobby-pins so that it lays flat. Tied my head and caught some Zzzzzzs. In the morning I removed the pins and undo the twists. Then Voila! I loved it!

Twist-Out on Natural Hair
Twist-out after wearing twists for a week

At night I put my hair in 4 big braids and wear my hair out like the pic below:

Definition after wearing 4 big braids at night

Then I got lazy and was just going to my bed with just a satin bonnet on my head so I wore my hair in a puff and rocked that for the rest of the week. 

High Puff done without the use of tools!

 I have been realizing that keeping my hair in twists is actually good for my hair. No combs, no brushes for 2 weeks equals hardly any manipulation. My hair retained moisture for a whole week and a half. However, I had to add moisturizer to the top of my hair puff and some water.

Overall I enjoyed these two weeks of not combing and re-twisting my hair. I think this is an excellent practice to retain more length. 

I might make this into a practice. What do you think? Do you do protective styling?


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