Adding Oil Rinsing to Your Natural Hair Regimen

Oil Rinsing on Natural Hair

Adding Oil Rinsing To Your Natural Hair Regimen

Do you want to spruce up your Natural Hair Regimen? Do you want to try something new? Well I got just the thing. Try Adding Oil Rinsing To Your Natural Hair Regimen.

Recently I have been experimenting with oil rinsing and have now decided to add it to my natural hair regimen. I have tried it 2 ways and absolutely love it.

So, what on earth is oil rinsing?
Oil rinsing is where you add a lot of oil to your wet hair after cleansing and rinsing it off with water.

My experience with oil rinsing:
I have tried it in 2 different variations. Below I list how I did each method and my thoughts on each.

  • I first tried it with the clear castor oil. I haven't been using this oil in a while so why not experiment with it right? I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and then I added the castor oil. Seeing that it was my first time I did not know what to expect but I instantly realize how supple my hair was. Soft and lovely. Castor oil is very thick but it was easy to work with on my wet hair. I towel dried it and added my leave in and that was it. My hair was soft for days.

  • On the next wash day I decided to try oil rinsing in a LOC Method kind of way. I shampooed then I added the oil to my hair and scalp - massaging my scalp and making sure that the ends are covered with oil.  After applying the oil I noticed I was able to finger detangle easily. I was like Damnnnnnnn! I followed up with a wide tooth comb and it was a real breeze. I then added conditioner to my hair put cap on and showered. When I rinsed if all out I felt like slapping myself for not trying this sooner. My hair was suuuuper duper soft. I wish a photo could show how it felt. This method is my favorite.  I tried this method with both coconut and castor oil and loved it both.

Final thoughts!

I loved oil rinsing on my natural hair. Why wasn't I doing this before? I have been trying this out for 2 weeks and now I can say that I will never stop. 

I have noticed 6 big benefits of oil rinsing my hair:
  1. Wayyyyyyy less shedding overtime
  2. No joke, I am yet to see a single-strand knot
  3. Detangling is so much easier
  4. You can cut down on moisturizing time. Just add your cream or butter to seal in the moisture and your good.
  5. My hair retained moisture longer than usual.
  6. If you have scalp eczema or dandruff, then I highly suggest that you try oil rinsing and work the oil into your scalp. This helped me a lot with my scalp issues.

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Have you tried oil rinsing on your natural hair?


  1. you sound so excited about it i'mma have to try it today (wash day)! thanks for the information :-)

    1. Yes girl! i love it. let me know how it turned out ok

  2. I am going to try this as SOON as I get home. Hopefully it works for me as well as it did for you. Thanks so much for the information!!


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