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The Best Natural Hair Care Store Is Your Kitchen

The Best Natural Hair Care Store Is Your Kitchen

The Best Natural Hair Care Store Is Your Kitchen

Hey Sistas! I hope you've been showing your tresses some love!

So, as the heading of this post states, 'the best natural hair care store is indeed your own kitchen'. Going natural should really be the cheapest way to go. It's really not that necessary to go out and spend loads of money on natural hair products,. Unfortunately, we all want to try out what's new on the market, and so we slowly become product junkies. However, at the end of the day, most of our hair needs can be solved by products in your own kitchen.

Let’s look into this:

Apple Cider Vinegar for Natural Hair

So you have product build up? Is dandruff taking over your life? You wash and condition your hair, but your scalp never seems to be totally clean? The kitchen solves these woes. Apple Cider vinegar should be in everyone's kitchen cupboards. It's great to cook with, can supplement for salt for high blood pressure sufferers and help with weight loss. However, it also solves the problems listed above. If you mix Apple Cedar Vinegar with water using a half and half ratio, you can clean your scalp thoroughly. Try an apple cedar rinse on your natural hair and let me know how it goes.

DIY Deep Conditioner Mask

DIY Deep Conditioner Mask

So, your hair is dry? Lacks moisture? Needs a little boost?
Well then, get up and go make your own Deep Conditioner Mask. Head to the cupboards and grab some extra virgin oil - coconut or olive oil will do. Grab some honey too, while you’re there. Then, open the fridge and get some mayo. Mix the oil, mayo and honey and apply it to your hair - leaving it in for 30 mins – and your problems are solved. You will be left with moisturized and conditioned hair.

Also, using honey on your natural hair can be the angel it needs. Try honey treatments. Click here for recipes.  

DIY Leave-in Conditioner

DIY Leave-in Conditioner

Do you need a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized in-between washes? Then grab your spray bottle and head to the kitchen. Fill your spray bottle half way with aloe vera juice, add a decent amount of honey, some coconut oil, and then fill with water. Shake that up real good and that's all you need. Go and try it!

For more homemade remedies Click Here!

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There are so many benefits that our hair can get by just visiting the kitchen. What are your favorite DIY hair mixtures?


  1. You are so right...A stylist hipped me to this some years back. It took me a while but I eventually realized that she was right. All our hair needs are definitely in our kitchens. I usually use a diluted version of ACV on my scalp then lightly shampoo.

    1. I am happy you agree. Yes girl, I love me some ACV.


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