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Natural Hair Wash Day Regimen

Natural Hair Wash Day Regimen 

Everybody have a frequency as it relates to washing their hair and it varies from woman to woman. Only you know how your feels, what you put in it, etc. If you’re a person who uses loads of product then you have to wash more frequently than someone who doesn't  I personally wash every week during the winter and much more often in the summer where I can go out with a wet head and not be sick.

Below is my Wash Day Natural Hair Regimen:

1. Put hair in 4 sections (2 in front and 2 in the back). Working in sections will make your life wayyyy easier - trust me. I experience less tangles and I find that it enables me to move faster (idk just me. Lol!)

2. Pre-poo: This is where you apply oils to your hair while it’s dry prior to shampooing/cleansing. I don't always do this but i try to at least once per month. I normally mix Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Cold Pressed Castor Oil together and apply to each section making sure the shaft is well oiled. After I apply the oil mixture I gently finger detangled to get rid of visible shed hair and then Bantu knot and pin each section and move on. Put plastic cap on a apply heat. (Sometimes I skip pre-poo if I am crunched for time)

3. Shampoo/Cleanse: I am a shampoo girl unlike most natural girls. I searched far and wide until I have found staple cleansers that do not strip my hair. As of right now I use Shea Moisture Curl & Shine shampoo, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo, OBIA shampoo bar or AS I Am CoWash to cleanse. I focus on my scalp at this stage. I massage my scalp re-twist then move on to the next section.

4. Oil Rinsing: If I am not going to do a full on Deep conditioning step then I oil rinse my natural hair. Oil rinsing is where you apply oil to freshly cleansed hair to bring back some life to your hair and seals in moisture from the water. Right now I am using the white castor oil to oil rinse my hair. I know most naturals would hate this because castor oil is very think and not might be tricky to work with. I prefer castor oil because my curls pop more and the effects are longer lasting. The key is to apply the to sopping wet hair not damped. And most of all leave the combs alone. Use your fingers to go through your sections while smoothing the oil down the shaft of your hair. Most knots would be oiled away. Lol! If you haven't tried this yet, then I suggest you do.

5. Deep Condition: This is where you focus on your hair. For a deep conditioner I normally mix a cheap conditioner with Honey and oils and apply to my hair. Also I have been trying out the NuNaat Blast Mask and so far I like it. I use that mask if I don't feel like making my own. After applying the condition I begin the detangling process working from ends to root first with fingers then your tool of choice. My order is: use fingers then wide tooth comb then Denman brush. Still working section to section.

6. I start my LOC method of moisturizing. Apply Leave in. After rinsing I squeeze out as much water as I can and add my leave in section by section. Right now I alternate Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk, Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave in or Cantu Hair Lotion. I love them. I prefer to further moisturize on hair that is damp versus wet hair. So I Let it air dry a little.

7. Apply my oil of choice. I prefer coconut oil or a mixture of coconut and castor oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. Massage the oils into my scalp and rub it down my hair shaft.

7. Apply Moisturizer. I moisturize and style my hair with my Cantu Curl Cream. So far it’s the greatest thing since slice bread to me. Lol.

8. Style! For me it's a braid out.

How do you wash your natural hair?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Natural Hair Goals

Do You Have Natural Hair Goals

Hey loves! Quick question. Do you have natural hair goals? What are they?

What are my natural hair goals?

  • I really mainly want healthy hair.
  • I want to comb my hair and see no knots in the sink.
  • I want to keep my hair moisturized at all times (that's a hard one...I know)
  • I desperately need to be diagnosed and treated for Hand In Hair Syndrome (HIHS). My edges are paying the price. (I need to stop!!! I need HELP!!)
  • I secretly want longer hair but I can't get that if the above goals are not met.

Those are my current goals. Lol! 

Do you have natural hair goals? Chime in. Comment below and let us know.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Featured Naturalista: Iknowlee

Featured Naturalista: Helecia Phillips (Iknowlee)
Natural Hair Guru & Vlogger Iknowlee

Hey Girls!! 

This week's Featured Naturalista is none other than Iknowlee. If you are natural for more than a month and ever searched for videos on Youtube, then you know who Iknowlee is. See below what she has to say........

Introduce yourself!
My name is Helecia otherwise known as Iknowlee and  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since May 2010. It has been about three and a half years.

Did you Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When?
I did a big chop due to my personal battle with patience. I shaved my entire head on May 14, 2010.

What made you decide to go natural?
I was somewhat inspired or rather convinced to go natural. I didn't mind experimenting with my hair and I was interested is rocking a curly fro. I also wondered what my hair texture was like and how I would look with curly hair. 

Featured Naturalista: Helecia Phillips (Iknowlee)

Did you have a support system? Explain the level of support that you had.
The only person that supported me in my initial journey was my sister. She was the one who convinced me to go natural in the first place. My best friend was also natural at the time, so she was down for however I wanted to wear my hair. Everyone else was extremely negative about the changes I was making. 

Do you have hair length goals or is hair health is more important to you? Elaborate if you like.
When I first began my journey I was concerned about the health of my hair. As time progressed and I noticed that my hair was growing at an active rate, I became more interested in experimenting. I wanted to try various styles, methods, products, and colors. I began to notice breakage and a decrease in the amount of length that I was retaining. Now the most important thing for me is length and hair health. 

What are your favorite hair products?
When it comes to hair products, I seldom switch things up or forget about sertain products. Instead of focusing on my favorite hair products, I have favorite brands. My favorite brands are Carols' Daughter, Oyin Handmade, Afroveda, Jessie Curl, Shea Moisture Kids and Hairveda. 

What is your natural hair regimen?
My regimen is extremely simple. I don't really wash my hair much anymore but if I do, I cleanse it with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and water. I do this maybe once a month. In the mean time, I co-wash my hair weekly and primarily do twist outs. Through out the week I either re-twist my hair or pineapple it nightly to maintain the style. If I notice dryness during that time period, I moisturize with coconut oil and water. 

Featured Naturalista: Helecia Phillips (Iknowlee)

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista?
You will never know what its like until to you do it so give it a try. If things turn out badly for you, go back to what you are used to.  Be patient and don't be afraid of trial and ERROR. Notice the error because it will probably be more of that than anything. 

Where can we find you? 
Instagram: @iknowleee

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Be Featured on Glam Natural Life!!

Hey Naturalistas!!

I have made it soooooo much easier for you girls to submit your story to be featured on the website. Now you can do it all on the Be Featured page instead of emailing me your story and pictures. Doesn't that make everything easier? I want to make sure that using this website is very easy for you. 

If you would like to be featured on Glam Natural Life go to the Be Featured page or fill out the form below on this page.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moisturizing Natural Hair

Moisturizing Natural Hair

Learning how to moisturize our natural hair is very important if healthy hair is what you seek. 

First we have to understand that water and certain oils are the only things that can enter our hair shaft. Second thing to keep in mind is that marketers use the labels TO GET YOU!!! Its their job to do so. I have seen so many bottles that claims to be All Natural or claims to be Ultra Moisturizing but the ingredients make me scratch my head. You have to start reading the ingredient label before you buy a moisturizer. That is the part of the packaging that means anything to me. If water is not the first ingredient, PUT IT BACK!!  If you see Petrolatum or Mineral Oil in the first five ingredients I would suggest to put it back as well.

Ok, so you find an all natural moisturizer and you apply it to your hair and you love it but then by the end of the day your hair looks dull or even feels dry. Then you say it didn't work right? But you might be wrong. Maybe you are not moisturizing properly.

For example, if you put a little bit of water in a container and leave it out in the sun for the day, will there be water in it at the end of the day? I think you know the answer to that is no. However, if you covered that water tightly you will see some water left in the container at the end of the day. The same applies to your hair. When you apply moisturizer you have to seal that moisture in or it will evaporate - similar to our water in the sun example. After moisturizing we have to seal in the moisture with an oil or butter.

I suggest following the LOC method when moisturizing natural hair. After moisturizing with a leave in, add your sealing oil and then top it off with a cream.

Demonstrating how I moisturize my natural hair using the LOC Method

The L stands for liquid like a water-based leave in or just plain water. Here I use the Shea Moisture Style Milk or my DIY Leave-in Spray. Water by it self is never enough moisture for my natural hair but it work for some. 

The O stands for oil. This is where you are sealing in that moisture. I use a light oil like coconut oil, or a heavier oil like castor oil or Shea butter.

The C stand for cream. This add an extra layer of moisture to your hair. Here I tend to use the Shea Moisture Smoothie, the Ettenio Creme de la Creme moisturizer or the Cantu Coconut Curl Cream. I also feel like this step prevent my hair from feeling too oily. I remember when my moisturizing routine was adding moisture and then seal with oils. I always had greasy hair but my hair was soft. After switching to to LOC method I realize that adding the cream after the oil resulted in moisturized and sealed hair with sheen but not the greasy feeling.

I believe that by moisturizing natural hair the right way, you will achieve your healthy hair goals. Moisturized natural hair leads to stronger hair which leads to better length retention which leads to longer hair. It's a simple step in your wash day routine that defines your hair's performance throughout the week. What is the sense of moisturizing daily when you could have done it right on your wash day and rock out during the week? When your natural hair is moisturized properly, you will only need to lightly moisturize again maybe once or twice during the week.

Take care of yourself and your hair. Until next time, See Yah!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review: NuNaat Real Me Curl To Coil Collection

Introducing NuNaat Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection

I first got introduced to the NuNaat Brand in October. I tried and did a review of the NuNaat Keratin Conditioner and the Leave-in re-constructor and I absolutely love it. When I found out that they recently came out with a natural hair line called Real Me Curl-To-Coil I just had to try it. I am so happy that I did. The Keratin line was designed for chemically treated hair, however I love it on the days when I am blow drying my hair or when my hair feels like it needs a little added boost of protein.

The Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection on the other hand is formulated for us girls who have curly, coily, kinky hair textures. It is very moisturizing and perfectly formulated to help our hair be more manageable while enhancing our natural curls. I tried the conditioner, the Hair Mask and the Curl Activator and I am in love.

They use 5 main ingredients to create this great formula ('the Join Complex'):
Vegetable Collagen: to allow for better water absorption to prevent and treat breakage
Pracaxi: to heal hydrate, soften and enhance shine
Coconut: to hydrate and soften hair fibers
Avocado: to moisturize and leave hair feeling silky
Argan: to repair dry and course hair leaving it shiny and frizz-free

See below for my Reviews.

Review: NuNaat Real Me Blast of Shine Hair Mask

NuNaat Real Me Blast of Shine Hair Mask

Price: $9.99 (17.6 oz)
Product Promises: Defines natural curly textures, moisturizing hair and eliminating frizz. Intensely nourishes hair, leaving it silky soft and easier to style. Strengthens hair and maintain a healthy scalp, promoting intense shine.

My Thoughts

I tried the Blast of Shine Hair Mask on a day when my hair was at its worst. I needed a deep conditioning session badly. I do not buy deep conditioners; I make my own because I am impressed by a DC off the shelf. However, this mask is letting me rethink that. I loved it.

Application: I first shampooed with the Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and made sure my hair was clean. I then applied the 
Blast of Shine Hair Mask to my hair section by section. I made sure that the mask was raked through and evenly distributed then twisted up that section. I put a cap on and leave it on for about 30 mins then rinsed. 

Result: I loved how my hair felt when I removed the shower cap. My hair felt so moist. After I rinsed the mask from my hair I couldn't stop touching it. I do love this Deep Conditioning Mask. It leaves my hair feeling soft and with visibly less frizz. It lays the hair cuticles down. I love it! 

  • Leaves my hair really conditioned and moisturized
  • Reduced the look of frizzes and the slip was lovely.
  • Only 9.99 for this huge jar of product. - cant go wrong with that.


  • Would prefer a squeezable tube over a jar but hey, the product works.

Review: NuNaat Real Me Real Moisture Conditioner

NuNaat Real Me Real Moisture Conditioner

Price: $8.98(11.1 oz)
Product Claims: Softens, hydrates and detangles wavy to kinky textures without weighing hair down. Eliminates frizz for a longer period of time.

My Thoughts

I tried this Real Moisture Conditioner after shampooing my hair and have also tried it as a co-wash. I loved it both ways. The slip is to die for - and you natural sistas know good slip is like gold right? Lol! I was able to detangle with ease. My hair literally sucked it up. It was amazing. 


  • Moisturizing, Great Detangler and really conditions my hair

Review: NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

Price: $6.99 (6.7 oz)
Product Claims: Keeps hair hydrated and frizz-free for an extended period of time. Protects hair against harsh environmental conditions and prevents breakage. Ideal for daily use. 

My Thoughts:

Okay, I am not a gel person so i was hoping and praying this curl activator will make my curls more defined without that flaky crunchy mess I get using Eco Styler Gels. Boy It Delivered!!!! It was everything I prayed it would be.

After conditioning my hair, I squeezed out most of the water out of my hair then moisturized my hair with the Shea Moisture Curl and Style milk and sealed in the moisture with Jamaican black castor oil (as I normally do after a wash). I applied the curl activator to my hair and raked it through. Instantly curls I didn't know I had was alive and kicking. I was like WOW! I instantly took a pic of a one of my curls. See the picture below.

NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator
The definition when the Curl activator was raked through once was AMAZING!

I twisted my hair and put an scarf on my head and when to bed. The next morning I unravel my twists and it came out very nice. I loved it. If you are living in warm weather I would recommend you try wash N'gos with this Natural Curl Activator too. Your curls will be clumped together nicely with a nice hold that is not too crunchy and DEFINITELY not flaky.

wist-Out Result using NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

Twist-Out Result using NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

My twist out was great. My curls were not super crunchy (it had just enough hold) and there was no flakes. Also, my curls lasted a few days without looking too messy.
Disclaimer: I never ever put stylers on un-moisturized hair so I cannot comment on how it works on freshly washed hair that has not been moisturized. 

  • Defined my curls beautifully. Or as the bottle stated - it ACTIVATED my curls. I love it.
  • Not a hard crunchy hold
  • None Flaky

Conclusion on the NuNaat Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection

I would recommend this collection to everyone. It was really hard trying to find something I did not like about these three products. Now I want to try the entire line. All three products that I tried left my hair frizz-free and the conditioner and the mask made my hair soft and manageable with a soft sheen. And most of all, the price for everything in the line is very affordable and available at Walgreen, and

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Featured Naturalista: Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says

Naturalista Eugenia Hart from Eugenia Says  

What’s your name? 
Hey Y’all! My name is Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says.

Where are you from? 
I’m originally from a little ole town in Texas called Copperas Cove, but I currently reside in Augusta, GA.

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you? 
I served in the United States Air Force as an aircraft mechanic—go figure, right?!

Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says with Kiwi of Kiwi the Beauty
Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says with Kiwi of Kiwi the Beauty

Tell us about being an ambassador for Natural Girls Rock. 
Oh wow, Natural Girls Rock was a blessing in itself! It’s basically an organization that encourages the appreciation of natural-haired women and in tandem provides natural hair-themed accessories to help you rock your look no matter what stage in the journey you are in! We traveled from Charleston, Greensboro, and other locales to bring the word and also to educate new and veteran naturals on hair care.

Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says and Courtney of Mane Choice
Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says and Courtney of Mane Choice

How long have you been natural? 
I’ve been natural for two years and three months. It really seems like just yesterday I had my fade! 

Did you BC or transition? 
Definitely Big Chop! I was waaaay too impatient to transition. I went to my local barber and told him to “chop it all off”. He actually REFUSED to cut my hair until, after 20 minutes of convincing, he said “alright.” There were a few guys in there waiting to get their hair cut so I kind of had an audience, one guy even recorded it on his phone! 

Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says

What made you decide to go natural? 
Two things namely: my health and my family. The women in my family have an uncanny predisposition to ovarian cysts and I learned from my OBGYN, that the lye and variation of chemicals in relaxers could aggravate cysts—even if you don’t have them! Crazy! That was all the convincing I needed, child. Also, my five sisters are all natural and I saw how they just fell in love with their new level of “oneness”, I wanted that, and now…I have that. 

Did you have a support system? 
I consider myself very lucky that my sisters were all, in one way or another, jumping into the natural hair lifestyle. I’ve heard heart-breaking horror stories from our fellow natural sisters who did not have any support or who were ridiculed to no end for choosing to go natural. My sisters were and still are my best support system.

Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says
Blown-out Afro

What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health?
I would say primarily hair health. Long or short, if your hair is unhealthy, thinning, and breaking that ain’t a good look boo boo! On the other hand, with healthy hair comes hair length and the possibility for new styling options is every natural girls fantasy!

What are some of your favorite natural hair products? 
My current favorites are Coconut Oil, Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Crème, olive oil ECO Styler gel, and fresh avocado masques!

Helecia Phillips of Iknowlee and Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says
Helecia Williams of Iknowlee and Eugenia Hart of Eugenia Says

What is your natural hair regimen? 
My current regimen consists mostly of twists throughout the week with my daily oil and water sealing technique. Wash on Monday with a deep conditioning treatment to top it all off. Rinse (literally!) and repeat. I try not to make things too difficult.

Advice to One Considering Going Natural?
If you’re considering this lifestyle just DO IT! It will be the best decision you've ever made, physically, aesthetically, spiritually, and emotionally. Yes,’s that deep!

Anthara Carr (Creator of Sheer Luxe Beauty) and Eugenia
Anthara Carr (Creator of Sheer Luxe Beauty) and Eugenia

Any advice to newly natural women? I think the best advice I was given when I first ventured into this world was, “do not compare yourself.” Your texture, rate of growth, and overall appearance is and should not be compared with another! 

Where Can We Find You?
I’m everywhere, darling! Check me out on:
YouTube under the handle of EugeniaSays
Instagram @EugeniaSays (
Twitter @EugeniaSaysMoo (
My Blog is

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Product Review: Irie Essentialz Hair & Scalp Oil

Product: Irie Essentialz Hair & Scalp Oil

Price:  $10, $16

Size: 2oz, 4oz

Product Claims:
Fragrant, lightweight and non-greasy, Irie Essentialz Hair and Scalp Oil is a handcrafted blend of natural plant oils carefully chosen for their wonderful effects on hair and scalp.
Irie Essentialz Hair and Scalp Oil absorbs smoothly, leaving your hair and scalp soft, supple and lustrous, with no greasy after-feel. This is a NATURAL hair care product for your hair.

Key Ingredients:
Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil Blend: (Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang and Coconut Root, Rosemary, CO2 Antioxidant Oil).

My Thoughts
I recently featured Nicole` from Irie Essentialz here on Glam Natural Life. In her feature she revealed that she owns a handmade all natural product line. Of course, I had to get my hands on these products so I can review for you guys. I was most interested in the scalp because my scalp is always dry as I suffer from eczema. I have also gotten lots of questions from you guys about what to do to relieve dry scalp.

The Oil came in a spray bottle with a really good nozzle. I liked how the oil came out the nozzle in a mist form so it was easy to spray my scalp and know that it is being distributed evenly. The smell was so to die for. The bath room smelled so calming like a spa by the time I was done applying the oil to my scalp and hair.

Application: I applied the oil to my scalp and massaged it in and rub my oily hand down the shaft of my hair.

My Results: I have tried Jane Carter’s Nourishing Scalp Oil which cost $22 for a 1oz bottle and it did nothing for my scalp. This Irie Essentialz Hair and Scalp oil cost $10 for 2oz and it does what it said it would. My scalp was moisturized. Days after using it I noticed no flacks or dry patches. And let me tell you something, going 3-4 days without applying oil to my scalp is a big disaster. My scalp would have so much flakes that I just have to wash my hair. This Oil blend was well absorbed into my scalp. I loved how my scalp and hair felt and I love the smell of this blend. I am pleased. I recommend this product!

  • My scalp felt really moisturized and retained moisture
  • Price is affordable at $10 for 2oz and $16 for 4oz
  • A little goes a long way

  • None!

Visit to purchase the Hair and Scalp Oil. They also lots of really good herbal natural soaps. Enter IrieHoliday10 at checkout for a 10% discount. 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Featured Naturalista: Marianne from MaiCurls

Featured Naturalista: Marianne from MaiCurls

Introduce yourself. Let us know your name, where you from are and anything else about yourself that you would like to share.
My name is Marianne (Mai). I am African/European and I am a little introverted but really love being with family and friends. I love to travel, experience different cultures and eat good food! I am a big DIY freak! I love making my own hair products, jewelry and even things around the house. I love animals (I have a ton of pets!) I am the happiest in warm and sunny climates preferably in countries with beaches!

How long have you been natural?
I stopped using relaxers by Mid – 2009 so I consider my hair as being ‘natural’ since the end of 2010.

Did you Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When?
I was not brave enough to do a big chop so I would just trim my relaxed ends as my natural curly hair grew out. By the end of 2010 I had all of my natural curly hair. 

One of her Favorite Styles: High Bun

What made you decide to go natural?
I simply got tired of using relaxers so I stopped. I was tired of having hair that was damaged, dry, and brittle and always shoulder length. I was also using hair dyes so it would end up in odd colors at times because I think the dyed hair would react funny to my relaxer. In 2011 I finally stopped using chemical air dyes because I would switch from light and dark hair every time I got bored. This was taking its toll on my hair so I stopped. (I use Henna and Amla for a healthy “color fix”.)

Did you have a support system? Explain the level of support that you had.
My family was very supportive. My mother actually never wanted to relax my hair back in the day (I had begged her as a child and she eventually gave in.) She kept telling me my curls were beautiful as a child so she was happy when I decided to stop. My father never understood why I relaxed my hair in the first place he always wanted to style my hair when it was in an Afro! My sister actually stopped using relaxers before I did so in the family I was supported. My friends supported me and did not make a big deal out of it since they saw I was happy so they were happy for me. You will always come across one or two (ignorant) people who might have something “funny” to say but I say ‘in one ear out the other’.

Do you have hair length goals or is hair health is more important to you? Elaborate if you like.
My first goal is to have healthy hair. This leads to my second goal which is to grow healthy hair! While I do not have a ‘goal length’ I do want to grow my hair. Since going natural my hair has never been longer or healthier! I have a moment when I wash my hair and can feel it half way down my back!

Rocking two-strand twists as protective style

What are your favorite hair products?
I was a product junkie for ages and would buy everything and anything to “try it out” (I consider myself a “recovering product junkie”.) This year I decided that I wanted to integrate more natural products/ingredients into my hair care…this lead to integrating healthy ingredients to my skin care and eating habits. So I basically make about 90% of my own hair care products. 

In terms of favorite products:
  • Detangling/Co-Wash Conditioner: Corine De Farme – made with Shea Butter and Olive oil (it contains 98% natural origin ingredients and is silicon and paraben free.)
  • Deep Conditioner – I mix my own (Moisturizing, Protein and Strengthening) 
  • Moisturizing – I mix my own (Spray and Creamy Leave-In Conditioners)
  • Sealing – I mix my own Sealing Oil 

What is your natural hair regimen?
Once a week: Cleanse, Detangle and Deep Condition my hair.
Daily: Moisturize – either with water and my DIY (Creamy) Leave-In Conditioner or my (Spray) Leave-In Conditioner and Seal - with my DIY Mixed Sealing Oil.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista?
Do research, ask questions, get onto forms, and watch YouTube videos etc. just do loads of research! Keep in mind the research is for you to have a general understanding…what you really need to know is YOUR hair. While two people might have curly hair, similar curl patterns, thickness, etc. it does not mean if you use the exact same products you will get the same results. So after you have done your research you need to then find out what works for you. Apart from knowing your hair I think patience is another important point. It will take time till you know what your hair needs, likes and wants but it is not mission impossible just mission patience. I learnt that I needed to be patient, gentle, not to stress and not to give up!!

Where can we find you? (Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, etc.)
Check out Marianne at:

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Using Honey in your Natural Hair

Honey treatment for natural hair

Using Honey in your Natural Hair

If you have never tried honey in your natural hair as yet, then what are you waiting for? Honey is a natural humectant and conditioning agent. When I use honey in my hair, I am always left with soft hair. Now, I use honey in my DIY leave-in conditioner and DIY Deep Conditioner and I will never stop. I also do honey scalp and hair treatments. Try for yourself and see what the results are for your natural hair.

Below are a few recommended recipes that I have tried and loved:

Oil and Honey Treatment for Natural Hair

  • Combine honey and coconut oil or olive oil in a bowl
  • Mix and microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds
  • Use your hands or applicator brush and apply it to your hair and scalp
  • Leave it in for 30 minutes then rinse THOROUGHLY with warm water.
    Benefit: Whether as a pre-poo or after shampooing, this treatment leaves your hair very moisturized for a long period and super soft to the touch. It also strengthens your natural hair.

Honey Conditioners

  • Mix honey with your conditioner (equal parts)
  • 3 tablespoon of castor oil
  • Massage and leave it in for 30 minutes then rinse
    Benefit: Soft and strengthened natural hair.

Honey Infused Leave-in Conditioner

  • Fill your spray half full with Aloe Vera Juice
  • Then about 4 tablespoon of honey
  • 2-3 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 drops tea tree oil (optional)
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water
  • Shake and Voila!
    Benefit: Super shiny natural hair.

Honey Gloss For Natural Hair

  • Apply honey directly to your hair
  • Leave in your 30 minutes then rinse
    Benefit: Super shiny natural hair.

Have you been using Honey in your Natural Hair?

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