Product Review: NuNaat Real Me Curl To Coil Collection

Introducing NuNaat Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection

I first got introduced to the NuNaat Brand in October. I tried and did a review of the NuNaat Keratin Conditioner and the Leave-in re-constructor and I absolutely love it. When I found out that they recently came out with a natural hair line called Real Me Curl-To-Coil I just had to try it. I am so happy that I did. The Keratin line was designed for chemically treated hair, however I love it on the days when I am blow drying my hair or when my hair feels like it needs a little added boost of protein.

The Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection on the other hand is formulated for us girls who have curly, coily, kinky hair textures. It is very moisturizing and perfectly formulated to help our hair be more manageable while enhancing our natural curls. I tried the conditioner, the Hair Mask and the Curl Activator and I am in love.

They use 5 main ingredients to create this great formula ('the Join Complex'):
Vegetable Collagen: to allow for better water absorption to prevent and treat breakage
Pracaxi: to heal hydrate, soften and enhance shine
Coconut: to hydrate and soften hair fibers
Avocado: to moisturize and leave hair feeling silky
Argan: to repair dry and course hair leaving it shiny and frizz-free

See below for my Reviews.

Review: NuNaat Real Me Blast of Shine Hair Mask

NuNaat Real Me Blast of Shine Hair Mask

Price: $9.99 (17.6 oz)
Product Promises: Defines natural curly textures, moisturizing hair and eliminating frizz. Intensely nourishes hair, leaving it silky soft and easier to style. Strengthens hair and maintain a healthy scalp, promoting intense shine.

My Thoughts

I tried the Blast of Shine Hair Mask on a day when my hair was at its worst. I needed a deep conditioning session badly. I do not buy deep conditioners; I make my own because I am impressed by a DC off the shelf. However, this mask is letting me rethink that. I loved it.

Application: I first shampooed with the Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and made sure my hair was clean. I then applied the 
Blast of Shine Hair Mask to my hair section by section. I made sure that the mask was raked through and evenly distributed then twisted up that section. I put a cap on and leave it on for about 30 mins then rinsed. 

Result: I loved how my hair felt when I removed the shower cap. My hair felt so moist. After I rinsed the mask from my hair I couldn't stop touching it. I do love this Deep Conditioning Mask. It leaves my hair feeling soft and with visibly less frizz. It lays the hair cuticles down. I love it! 

  • Leaves my hair really conditioned and moisturized
  • Reduced the look of frizzes and the slip was lovely.
  • Only 9.99 for this huge jar of product. - cant go wrong with that.


  • Would prefer a squeezable tube over a jar but hey, the product works.

Review: NuNaat Real Me Real Moisture Conditioner

NuNaat Real Me Real Moisture Conditioner

Price: $8.98(11.1 oz)
Product Claims: Softens, hydrates and detangles wavy to kinky textures without weighing hair down. Eliminates frizz for a longer period of time.

My Thoughts

I tried this Real Moisture Conditioner after shampooing my hair and have also tried it as a co-wash. I loved it both ways. The slip is to die for - and you natural sistas know good slip is like gold right? Lol! I was able to detangle with ease. My hair literally sucked it up. It was amazing. 


  • Moisturizing, Great Detangler and really conditions my hair

Review: NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

Price: $6.99 (6.7 oz)
Product Claims: Keeps hair hydrated and frizz-free for an extended period of time. Protects hair against harsh environmental conditions and prevents breakage. Ideal for daily use. 

My Thoughts:

Okay, I am not a gel person so i was hoping and praying this curl activator will make my curls more defined without that flaky crunchy mess I get using Eco Styler Gels. Boy It Delivered!!!! It was everything I prayed it would be.

After conditioning my hair, I squeezed out most of the water out of my hair then moisturized my hair with the Shea Moisture Curl and Style milk and sealed in the moisture with Jamaican black castor oil (as I normally do after a wash). I applied the curl activator to my hair and raked it through. Instantly curls I didn't know I had was alive and kicking. I was like WOW! I instantly took a pic of a one of my curls. See the picture below.

NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator
The definition when the Curl activator was raked through once was AMAZING!

I twisted my hair and put an scarf on my head and when to bed. The next morning I unravel my twists and it came out very nice. I loved it. If you are living in warm weather I would recommend you try wash N'gos with this Natural Curl Activator too. Your curls will be clumped together nicely with a nice hold that is not too crunchy and DEFINITELY not flaky.

wist-Out Result using NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

Twist-Out Result using NuNaat Real Me Natural Curl Activator

My twist out was great. My curls were not super crunchy (it had just enough hold) and there was no flakes. Also, my curls lasted a few days without looking too messy.
Disclaimer: I never ever put stylers on un-moisturized hair so I cannot comment on how it works on freshly washed hair that has not been moisturized. 

  • Defined my curls beautifully. Or as the bottle stated - it ACTIVATED my curls. I love it.
  • Not a hard crunchy hold
  • None Flaky

Conclusion on the NuNaat Real Me Curl-To-Coil Collection

I would recommend this collection to everyone. It was really hard trying to find something I did not like about these three products. Now I want to try the entire line. All three products that I tried left my hair frizz-free and the conditioner and the mask made my hair soft and manageable with a soft sheen. And most of all, the price for everything in the line is very affordable and available at Walgreen, and

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