Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank You From Shelly

Thank You My Loves For A Great 2013!!

Hey Loves! As we only have a few more days until the new year, I want to take a second to extend a warm and meaningful Thank You.

You guys have been awesome. I am happy I was able to produce quality post on topics you like. I am grateful for the feedback I received on the blog and also the YouTube channel. I absorbed it and try to provide the information you need while using the blog to share my experiences.

Thank you for the loving support you guys have shown. It has not went unnoticed. I look forward to your continued support and I am so excited to continue sharing with you in the new year.

Happy New Year when it comes and I wish you all the very best in 2014. See you next year!!


Featured Naturalista: Natasha Blevins

Featured Naturalista: Natasha Blevins

This week's Featured Naturalista is the gorgeous Natasha Blevis who was one of the winners of the last Shea Moisture giveaway hosted on the site. Hope you enjoy her story!!!!!!

Where are you from? 
I am from Memphis,TN by way of Mound Bayou, MS.

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you?
You wouldn't know that I sing just by looking.

How long have you been natural? 
I have been natural going on 8 years.

How to Trim Natural Hair On Your Own

Hey Loves!

Recently, I had to stop and examine my hair's health. That is when I realized that my ends were not in top notch shape.  Trimming natural hair can be a little tricky because you can have multiple textures so sometimes the split ends get hidden among the curls and coils. This is why most stylist straighten before trimming natural hair. However, if you feel like your hair is not in the best of health then I would not recommend introducing heat. To stretch my hair before trimming I did big braids.

Below is a video of how I trim my natural hair:

Trimming Natural Hair

So, Tell me, how do you trim your natural hair? Do you straighten before trimming?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Featured Naturalista: Tiffany of

Tiffany of

Tiffany Shawn of

Hey Guys! This week's featured Naturalista is none other than the lovely Tiffany Shawn from I love this girl. A very supportive fellow blogger and lover of all things natural. Her blog and YouTube channel is a go to bible on hair care, fashion and inspiration. Check out her story below and follow her everywhere. Enjoy!

Where are you from?
Tiffany, born and raised in St. Louis

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you?
I'm 32 :) I am told I look much younger. I'm a fairly quiet person who isn't at all into networking, but it's something I'm slowly becoming more comfortable with.

Tiffany of

How long have you been natural?
I had my last relaxer May 2010 and cut the relaxed ends on Dec. 26, 2010.

Did you do the Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When?
It was more of a big chop. I could only stand to transition for 6 months before the different textures worked my nerves.
Tiffany of

Did you have a support system?
Very much so...the majority of my family and friends are natural and behind my back, they share my website and YouTube videos with others. I love them!

What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health?
Hair health...can't have the length without the health!

What are some of your favorite natural hair products?
  • Oh it's too many to name lol. I can share what's getting the most play right now:
  • Miss Jessie's Super Sudsy Slip Shampoo and Super Sweetback Treatment
  • Ouidad Co-Wash
  • Coconut oil
  • Lace Natural products (yeah just "products" in general; everything I've tried, I love)

What is your natural hair regimen?
Honestly, I don't have a regimen because I can't keep up with it. For 7-8 months in 2013, I was cowashing every other wash but then that faded away as I forgot the schedule. So at this point, I just focus on keeping my hair clean, I try not to manipulate it too much between washes, and I deep condition for about 10 minutes in the hot shower every wash (it's my version of a steamer:)).

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista?
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. That's not my quote, it belongs to Oscar Wilde. But it's true for so many facets of life. I will look at other women and think "wow her body is amazing...her hair is so long and thick..." and so on, but at the end of the day, I can only be me.

Where can we find you? 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas!

Hey Guys!!!

Just want to wish you guys a Merry Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family! Also want to thank you guys for your continuous support and I love you guys so much for it.

Happy Holidays!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Artistic Talent - Hidden

Featuring Britney Lozada: Talented Aspiring Artist

Hey Guys!!

Hope you guys are well and enjoying what is left of 2013. I want to introduce you guys to an amazingly talented aspiring artist - Britney Lozada. Britney has been my co-worker for over 4 years and I had no idea that she liked art and was utterly shocked that creates art.

While sharing that I might pick up Journaling/scrapbooking in 2014, she revealed that she draws/sketches and should maybe start putting them in a book (like a portfolio). I was intrigued so I asked her to show me something that she has done, so she pulled out her phone and showed me pictures. I was impressed!! Impressed at the final product, yes; but more impressed at how she arrived to the final product.

She explained to me that she really draws sharp lines and curves and without a real purpose or direction but something great is born from those lines and curves. Her art is random - she don't plan what On the train, from scarps of paper in her bag she would sketch what comes to her mind. At a restaurant while waiting to be served, the back of her menu becomes a canvas. If that is not real born-natural talent then I don't know what is.

White Rabbit

After seeing her work, I had to compliment her on her talent and encourage her to not keep this hidden. I had to ask her to allow me to showcase her drawings (or RandomArt as she calls it) to you guys.


I am sure that you can see that she has talent and with some work and practice she will be better. Let us all encourage her. Add her to your Instagram @brit_loz and Facebook @Britney Lozada.


Guys, DO NOT keep your talents and aspirations hidden. If I had done that, then this blog would not exist and you would not be reading about her right now. Show somebody what you have done. My best advice to her was to create a blog. Seeing your work on the internet and having at least ONE person look at it is an amazing feeling and the biggest source of encouragement. I know this first had from my Experience with Glam Natural Life.

Do you have any hidden talents that you have not yet showed the world? You can start with me. What are your talents and/or aspirations? Share them with us.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream Product Review

Up On Youtube: 

Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream Product Review

Watch the video below to see how I use this product and why I love it so much.

I absolutely love this product and have been using it for a while now. Its inexpensive and very effective in keep my hair moisturized.

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Have You Tried Any Cantu Shea Butter Products Lately?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tea Time with Teavana

Loose Flavored Black Tea from Teavana!
Loose Flavored Black Tea from Teavana! 

Hey Guys,

Sometime have unwind and chill and have some me time. Reflect a little. Instead of grabbing a glass of wine to relax and unwind, why not grab some tea? Yes I said tea. Lol! I know most people only drink tea if they are sick, however tea is the best 'chill pill' you could ask for. Its natural, organic and great for our immune system while giving us the calming feeling we crave.

Champaign Sangria Punch Black Tea from Teavana
Champaign Sangria Punch Black Tea from Teavana

Ok Ok! So you must be saying that 'black tea' is bitter. However, it doesn't have to be. I will agree that dry loose black tea is indeed a strong tasting tea once steeped. But thats where tea shops like Teavana comes to the rescue. You can get flavored teas which taste great and just as beneficial. This Sangria Black Tea has dried fruits added to the dry loose teas to give it a more calming aroma while tasting good and relax your body and mind.

Loose Flavored Black Tea from Teavana!

Stop at your nearest tea shop or Teavana Tea Shop and sample some teas. Most tea shops allow you to sample teas or at least allow you to smell it. Grab a strainer while your shopping and remember to allow the tea to steep (sit) for at least 3mins before drinking to get the most out of your tea.

Have some me time. Make time for Tea Time!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Featured Naturalista Deborah Coleman

Featured Naturalista Deborah Coleman! 

Where are you from?
I am from Belleville, Illinois. You probably haven't heard of it lol.

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you?
Most people wouldn't guess that I'm even natural. I have no length to show for it. I do a lot with my hair but wearing my afro isn't my favorite thing to do.

Heat Straightened Natural Hair

How long have you been natural?
My entire life. I only recently started embracing it.

Did you do the Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When?
You could say I'm trying to transition into a heat-less natural for the first time and that started when I was 19, I'm only 20 now.

With the boo!

Did you have a support system?
Not exactly. My mom never allowed me to get a relaxer even when I begged at a young age. Since I've been trying more natural styles I would say my mom and boyfriend are the most tolerant of it. Lol!

What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health?
Hair health for sure. Healthy hair does lead to longer hair, but long damaged hair is just a mess to deal with.

What are some of your favorite natural hair products? Shea butter! No specific brand, just Shea butter in general is my hairs best friend. Coconut oil works well for me also

Protective styles

What is your natural hair regimen?
I wouldn't even say I have one to be honest. I don't let anyone touch my hair. I wash every other day except when I'm wearing extensions. Then I usually throw some Shea butter on there, put it in a bun and sleep in a silk scarf.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista?
My advice would be: Don't get caught up in what other people have to say. Everyone isn't ready to see big hair and will have ignorant comments. Also what products work for everyone else, may not be for you at all. Shop around till you find your match.

Where can we find you? 
You can find me on instagram @debbie_cakez

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And The Winner of the Shea Moisture Body Scrub Giveaway is!!!!!!!!

Hi Loves!

The Winners of the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub Giveaway has been selected!!!!!

I want to first thank Shea Moisture for sponsoring this giveaway and for allowing five (5) of my lovely readers to try this amazing body scrub. Thank you to all of my subscribers and followers who have entered and shared with me what Shea Moisture product(s) they have tried and loved.

The Winners of the giveaway was randomly selected by the PunchTab software. Andddddddd the 5 winners of the giveaway goes to:

  1. Efe
  2. LaToya   
  3. LaWanda  
  4. Natasha
  5. Morena


I hope you girls enjoy the scrub. Treat yourself. Have a Spa Day!!

Please email your mailing address to and I will make the necessary arrangements to have your prizes shipped to you.

If you have not won, don't worry - I do giveaways ever so often of products I have tried and loved. Please continue to follow Glam Natural Life's blog, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (@glamnaturallife) as I share with you guys my hair journey, products I love and discuss topics you are interested in.

If you really want to try the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub, you can find it at Target and some pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreen.

Thanks for the support guys!

Love ~ Glam Natural Life

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

6 Tips to Treating Eczema (dry skin)

6 Tips to Treating Eczema (dry skin) This Winter! 

Hey Guys! Hope you've been staying warm. It's crazy cold outside. Or at least here in New York it is. My dry eczema skin is not liking this weather AT ALL!

So, I wanted to talk to you guys about winter dry skin. Well that's what I call it. Lol! In the winter my skin is at its worse. I suffer from eczema so that makes it even worse. The cold weather tend to leave my skin more dry than ever and extremely thirsty. This means that my skin is just plain horrible in the winter if I do not pamper it. Below are a few steps/tips I try to live by during the winter to treat my eczema skin.

Tips To Treat Eczema 

1. Do body Scrubs.
You must be like huh? Body scrub on dry skin? People with eczema tend to run from scrubs because they think it will tear their skin where they have dry patches. But yes, I do scrubs and I do think that it's important to do so! I do a full body scrub at the beginning of the winter cold season. This is to remove all dead skin and residue from all the lotions, soaps and eczema ointments/creams that I have been using. Also, in the winter I use heavier creams so I need all dead skin and old residue to be gone before using heavy creams. If you have bad eczema where you have rough patches I would not suggest going to a spa because they might scrub your skin too hard. I suggest that you buy a moisturizing exfoliating scrub and pad and have a spa day at home. I use the Shea Moisture Body scrubs.

Make sure that your body is soaked in hot/steamy water for at least 10 mins before you start. This allow your pores to be open and for some of the dead skin to soften.

2. Cleanse with a moisturizing cleanser.
Using soaps and cleansers with Sulfates is just plain wrong if you have dry skin. So read the ingredients. Stay away from sulfates. I cleanse my body and face with Shea Moisture soaps and Irie Essentialz soaps because they are organic and moisturizing. I also use Cetaphil soaps and body washes - they are medicated for dry skin.

3. Moisturize Your Skin More.
The winter air is very drying and harsh on your skin. You need to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. If you have eczema skin like I do, then you know that this is the challenge - especially in the areas where I have flaky patches. Find an oil-based moisturizer or moisturizers specifically formulated for dry sensitive skin. I am currently using Cetaphil moisturizers to moisturize my skin - they are gently on the skin and moisturizes effectively.

MY BIGGEST TIP EVER: Moisturize on damp skin. This is best because you can seal in some of the moisture from the water. Moisturize your skin at least twice a day. So morning and evening if that works well for you.

***You can make your own moisturizer if you like (I love my DIY mixtures -cheap and effective).
My current mixture: Coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, Shea butter, Water (in this order or proportion). My Skin loves it.

4. Take care of that face!
Do the above steps to your face as well. Moisturize twice a day. I normally use Ambi moisturizer on my face and neck - its been my holy grail for many years. I am also testing the Loreal Hydra-Renewal face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin - so far I love it. It leaves my skin really moisturized and it stays supple all day. I love it.

5. Exfoliate and moisturize the lips.
I exfoliate with ELF exfoliating stick - I love this stuff. Best part is, it cost $2. Its made from brown sugar and oils. Moisturize your lips immediately after exfoliating. Moisturize with  Chapstick or moisturizing butter. Use hydrating lipsticks.

6. Don't forget the feet! 
This is my driest area and the part of our body that is mostly neglected. My feet get so dry that they sometimes feel like lead. Stiff! Cracked! I moisturize my feet using the LOC method. (Liquid. Oil. Cream - in that order). I wash my feet prior to going to bed. My (L) is water. I then apply my oil. This is when I pull out the good ole petroleum jelly. I apply Petroleum Jelly to my feet then I add a heavy cream like Shea Moisture Lavender Cream to seal in the oil and water. Put on a comfy sock and go to bed My feet love it. I think you should try it.

Those are the steps I follow to treat eczema or dry skin. They work well for me and might be helpful for uou too.

How do you take care of your dry skin?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giveaway: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

Giveaway Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

Its Giveaway Time!!!!
Not 1 but FIVE(5) lucky winners will receive a FULL SIZE 12oz Coconut & Hibiscus Hand& Body Scrub from Shea Moisture.

The Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub is a great organic exfoliating scrub that is gentle on your skin and leaves you with moisturized and hydrated skin. Nourishes skin with vitamin E and K, iron and fatty acids.

No parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, PABA, synthetic color, DEA or sulfates.


  • US Residents ONLY! Only winners with a US address will be granted their prize!!
  • Winners will be chosen at random using PunchTab!

Enter Below to WIN!!!!

Featured Naturalista: Tshenelle Bethel

Featured Naturalista: Tshenelle Bethel  

Check out this week's featured naturalista Tshenelle. Beautiful caribbean princess that has a smile that literally make you want to smile too. Check out her interview and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, IG and her blog. Enjoy!
 What Is Your Name: Tshenelle Bethel

Where are you from?
I am from and still reside in Trinidad and Tobago

What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you? 
That I model. I've been a plus size model for over three years now.

Ripping the Runway!

How long have you been natural?
I've been natural almost my life with the exception of two stints, one where I had a dry curl perm back in secondary school which last a year, and then a relaxer a few years ago which lasted 16 months.

Did you do the Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When? 
I transitioned then big chopped. My last relaxer was August 19th 2011. I transitioned for 5 months then did my big chop on February 19th 2012.

Did you have a support system? 
Of course!! My family, boyfriend, friends and our entire local and Caribbean natural hair community.

What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health? 
Hair Health!! what's the point of having long hair if you can manipulate the way you like because it's not healthy?

What are some of your favorite natural hair products? 
Hmmm..too many to name lol. FCA Naturals Wonder Essence Hair and Body Oil, H2BN Naturals Uyai Kreemi Kustard, Body Savvy Hair and Scalp Oil and Eco Truffles Shampoo Truffles. I can go on and on but that should suffice lol.

What is your natural hair regimen? 
I don't have a specified regimen, but for the most part I'm subscribed to the LOC method.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering to go natural or a newly natural sista? 
Enjoy each stage of the journey. It may be a challenge at times but once you learn what works for your hair and you learn to love and embrace what's growing out of your crown then you will be on the right track :-)

Where can we find you? (Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, etc.)