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Natural Hair & Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy so far has taught me that a woman's body has some super powers. The things my body are going through during this time is simply breath taking .....and weird - all at the same damn time. And, to know that my body can go back to how it was before pregnancy is just remarkable. I have a real human being in my belly! Lol! God is good! 

Featured Naturalista: Juanita

 Featured Naturalista: Juanita 
The lovely Juanita of shared her natural hair story and regimen with us. I hope you enjoy what she had to say as much as we do. See her story below!

Life Updates: Married and Pregnant!

Hey loves!

As you guys have already known from my last blog post and many Instagram post, I got married in Jamaica in a very small and intimate ceremony on July 22nd. You also know that I am pregnant and expecting a baby. Yup, a lot is going on. However I have promised that I will come back with pictures and updates, so enjoy!!

Married and still over the moon happy about my union. I love this man and we joined hands together and made a vow to each other to live our life for each other and the family we are making. We couldn't be happier.

Almost 5 months pregnant, I am finally starting to look preggers. In a few days I will find out gender. Soooo excited!
My friends giving the baby bump done love!
Soooo, that's what I have been up to. Getting myself used to being pregnant and the changes my life and my body has been going through. Let me know if you want me to do pregnancy update blog post. 
Until next time, live good and be thankful for what you have. Love ya'll!