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Step 1 to A Healthy Hair Journey

Step 1 to a Healthy Hair Journey: Assess Your Hair's Health!

The first step on your healthy hair journey should be to Assess Your Hair's Health. I have to admit that I have to restart my healthy hair journey from scratch. The current condition of my hair is far from healthy. It's breaking. It's shedding like tree leaves in the fall - no kidding.  It's dry. This is all due to neglect. There, I admit it. It's all my fault. Lol!

Featured Naturalista: Jonette

Featured Naturalista: Jonette 
Where are you from? I am from Savannah GA
What’s something we wouldn't know by looking at you? That I am a nerd by nature!
How long have you been natural? I have been Natural for 7 years!
Did you do the Big Chop or did you transition to natural hair and When? I never did the Big Chop and gradually transitioned by wearing braids, weaves and fabulous wigs!
Did you have a support system? No, it was a decision that I made and I was determined to make it work!
What is more important to you - Hair Length or Hair Health? Healthy hair is important to me and will be flawless at any length!
What are some of your favorite natural hair products? It would be my very first product that I used, Natty Butter by ATON and an all natural ACV rinse.

What is your natural hair regimen? I usually incorporate co-washing with a good moisturizing conditioner that I let sit for an hour or two. Although it's not  very popular,  but I take the time to give attention to my scalp as w…