Friday, November 16, 2018

Overwhelmed & Just Need to Scream

Photo Credit: Cristian Newman

Ok, it cannot just be me who goes through this from time to time. I have been completely overwhelmed lately with a million things happening and I just want to scream; and when I stop, everything is back in its place and it can be hinky-dory again.

Is peace, structure and success too much to ask for?

Photo Credit: Cristina Gottardi
These past few weeks have me looking a hot mess and I am just frazzled. My house, desk and mind is showing that I might be losing it. But the Devil will not win....just watch and see 😁. I have more projects at work on top of my already packed plate. "Project Manager know how that is". I am going through the process of applying to independent schools for my 4yr old and its just a lot. Mommies who are school shopping can relate.
Photo Credit: Alfons Morales if I didn't have enough going on, I launched my online store GlamNaturalLife Shop of graphic tees. Also trying to scale up my YouTube channel. Entrepreneur life is not easy.....don't be fooled....BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! 

"There is no gain without pain" they say right? Basically I have a lot of windows open that NEED to stay open. I just need to manage how I move from one to the other without running myself dry.

There is a bright side. Trust me there is. I am telling myself this (aloud) as I write: "There is a bright side". For me, the bright side is that this IS a learning opportunity and success is coming. I am learning how to multi-task on steroids, how the online business work, and how to have faith and stand firm and believe in what I set out to do.

Also, I am finding a best friend in myself and she is AWESOME. People might think I am crazy, but talking to myself out aloud in the shower in a real conversation with the successful woman inside me is the therapy that I need. You should try it.

Comment Below and tell me if I am just a crazy mad woman or if you can relate.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Grand Opening of The GlamNaturalLife Shop

OMG......I am so excited to share with you guys that I have launched my online store. It has been my little secret project and finally it is a reality. 

This venture is so dear to me and I want my readers on the blog to have first access. BUT I got more. You guys get to shop 15% off until Nov 15th. Go check it out and remember to use code GLAMNATURALLIFE at checkout or use this link: https://glamnaturallife.SHOP/discount/GLAMNATURALLIFE

Below are a few of the featured items:

This venture is so dear to me and I want my readers on the blog to have first access. BUT I got more. You guys get to shop 15% off until Nov 15th. Go check it out and remember to use code GLAMNATURALLIFE at checkout or use this link:

Saturday, September 29, 2018

How to Moisturize Locs PROPERLY

Moisturizing Locs is not the same as moisturizing loose natural hair. So it is a big discussion topic in the loc community regarding how to properly moisturize our locs without causing product build up or damage to out locs.

In the below video, I share my tested and proven method to moisturize my locs properly and keep it moisturized. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

UPDATED DIY Moisturizer For Locs & Natural Hair

DIY moisturizing spray for locs
I have been asked over and over again about how I moisturize my locs and what is in my spray bottle. Throughout my 5+ years having loose natural hair, I have always gravitated more towards DIY moisturizers than the store bought products. It tend to be cheaper and I know exactly what is inside the product.

In the first few months of being loc’d, I noticed how dry my locs were and needed SOMETHING. So I experimented with building a leave-in-spray to keep my locs moisturized. After a couple tries, I think I got the formula down to what my hair likes. I do not make big batches - I mostly use a 4oz travel size bottle.

So here it is:

  • Half bottle rose water
  • 1/4 bottle castor oil
  • A little jojoba oil or olive oil.
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • 2 drops of lemon grass oil
  • 1 drop of lavender oil for fragrance
  • Give it a good good shake

Why do I love this so much?
It moisturizes my hair and scalp really well. And stays moisturized longer. It’s very natural and SIMPLE. The plus is that I also can use this on my skin as well. It’s a great moisturizer for hair and body.

The dish on the ingredients?

  • Rosewater is a great moisturizer and toner all on its own. It’s lovely for the skin and hair. Some comes with glycerin which pulls moisture from your environment. This might work for some and might not for others. So if your do not like glycerin then just get plain rose water.
  • Castor Oil is great for your hair. The benefits are endless. Some people retwist their locs with just castor oil but some tend to feel like it’s way too thick. But I have learned that when mixed with other great ingredients, it’s really really nice. I had loads of castor oil from my loose natural days but it was too thick and I never thought to mix it like this. Seriously, don’t sleep on your castor oil.
  • Jojoba oil and olive oil are great oils for our hair and body. They are lighter than castor oil and from experiment I see that the mixture works better when I add a lighter oil.
  • Tea tree is great for the scalp and promotes growth by stimulating the scalp. The most notable benefit that I reap is to maintain scalp help. If you have scalp eczema this oil mixed with a base oil like castor oil, jojoba, coconut, or jojoba oil is like heaven. Trust me, your scalp will thank you.
  • Rosemary oil and lemon grass oil stimulate the scalp and also works as a booster for your base oils. Not to mention the great smell. Gosh it smells good. Just make sure you don’t add too much. It really masks the strong castor oil smell.

So there you have it. My holy grail moisturizer for my locs and is just as great for those with loose natural hair as well.

Please let me know in the comments below, what do you use to moisturize your hair

Monday, July 30, 2018

How To Prevent Product Buildup In Locs

Product build-up is one of the biggest issues that a lot of Kings and Queens with locs faces. However, preventing product build-up in your locs is not as hard as it might seem. I want to share with you, my regimen, which is 100% geared towards preventing product build-up in my locs.

Cleaning Your Locs Thoroughly
This is the number one and most important tip to prevent product build-up. Cleaning your locs is not just shampooing and rinsing. Each step of your wash process should be deliberate and with a purpose.

Below is a video showing how I wash my hair and what I use:

Pre-washing is vital in my opinion. Your washing machine or dishwasher have a pre-wash setting. I don’t think washing my locs should be any different. I wet my hair thoroughly then spray my Dr. Locs Pre-cleanse on my hair and scalp then massage it in. If you do not have a pre-cleanse solution then make your own with apple cider vinegar, a little shampoo and water. Spray this on your locs and scalp then massage it in. This allow all the dirt and products since your last wash to be broken down. Shampoo your locs twice and make sure you rinse out ALLthe product from your locs.

Cleanse your locs regularly
I wash my hair often and I never go more than two weeks without a good cleanse. Clean locs IS healthy locs. Even if you have starter locs, you should still wash regularly- regardless of the myth that you shouldn’t wet your hair. Dirt DOES NOT lock your hair - I have no idea why some people believe that it does.

Choose products wisely
The key to never having product build-up, is to choose products that are water soluble. Products like gels, pastes and waxes tend to cause build up in locs. I am not a gel person but I know some people uses them and swear by them - see what work for you. STAY AWAY from waxes - of any kind.

Personally my key styling products for locs are oils, my DIY moisturizing spray, and Dr. Locs Imani Locking Spray. Heavy oils like castor oil tend to cause buildup if it’s not washed out properly so I recommend mixing it with a lighter oil like jojoba.

So, there you have it. These are my three tips to preventing product buildup in locs.

Please comment below and share how do you prevent buildup in your locs.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Loc Wash Day Routine | Locs Maintenance | Step By Step!

Want to learn how to properly wash your locs? Want a new routine for cleaning and maintaining your locs?

Then here you go! This video is a short and sweet Step By Step Guide!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

How To Interlock Locs PROPERLY!

My preferred method of maintaining my locs is to interlock my hair. In the view below, I illustrate step by step how to interlock your locs the RIGHT way!

There are incorrect information about the interlocking method flowing on the internet. If you do not interlock your locs properly then of course you will damage your hair.

Let me be the one to tell you that:
  • Interlocking locs DOES NOT cause thinning locs.
    • Only interlock when you enough new growth to interlock. By not interlocking often you will NEVER have thin locs. You have no business interlocking if you cant put two fingers through your new growth. 
  • Interlocking locs DOES NOT cause holes in your locs.
    • In the video above I illustrate how to do the 4-way and 2-way rotation and how important it is to never go through the same hole twice - to prevent holes from being formed in the locs.

Have you tried interlocking? What is your preferred way of maintaining your locs? Share in the comments below.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Saving More Money in 2018

It’s really not cool that something had to happen to trigger the need (or desire) to save MORE. Saving more money in 2018 is my goal for the year and I hope to encourage more people to join me.

I recently had the unfortunate luck of having my iPhone software reset. I had the daunting task of reinstalling all of my apps from the App Store. While doing this exercise, I realize that I had an alarming amount of shopping apps and shockingly all were linked to my credit cards. This discovery led me to really do a self evaluation. I am going to save my money in 2018.

Our lives are all different and we are not at the same financial level and that’s OKAY. This journey is beneficial to everyone regardless officer financial level, age, sex or race. Trust me, even the rich want to learn ways to save and have MORE money in the bank. Join me on my journey to save more money in 2018 and keeping our coils!

So what is my plan? Well I don’t really have a system yet but I am going to build one and share with you as we go. I really want in return, your feedback and advice on how to keep my coins in the bank. Below is a list of things that I know we can all do to improve on saving. As the weeks go by I will write articles on how to dive into, and really get the most out these tips. I will be researching and reaching out to advisors and others who have gained success with these tips. I am no expert - let me put that out there. I need to accomplish this goal just as much as you. I will share with you as we journey together to saving more.

Tips to save more in 2018:

  1. Do not look at saving as an unattainable goal. It doesn’t matter if you are being paid at minimum wage; you can still save. Even if it’s a quarter a day, it adds up. We can do this! Just keep checking back for these tips to be elaborated on. Also, bare in mind that we can still have a life and save. I think doing a 52 week saving challenge is a great way to reward your self at the end of the year - 2018 Christmas present 🎅

  1. Get a small notebook designated to savings. You can also use the notepad in your phone if you are just not the paper type. I honestly believe that seeing things written down, will resonate more. It makes the journey so much more impactful.

  1. Self Evaluation. This is the most important step. Ask yourself, why am I still reading this post? Why do I want to save more money? What are the financial issues that plague my life? List it all out in your book - in no specific order.

  1. Debt Evaluation. List everything you owe - regardless of how cheap it is. Do you owe your coworker for that cup of coffee from yesterday? List that too.

  1. Budgeting. I know that most people are scared of this word - allergic even. Budgeting is planning how you will afford to live. Budgeting is planning out how and where can you save - even if it’s a quarter per day. A Budget is a plan. You remember the phrase 'If you fail to plan then you plan to fail'? This applies to saving too. Saving need to be a serious line item.

  1. Cut unnecessary spending.
    1. Do you really need to have lunch at Chopt everyday? Why don’t you pack and bring your lunch to work.
    2. Do you need that to buy that cute shoes that you added to your cart? Do you not have already have nice shoes? Come on stop it. lol!
    3. Do not shop for wants only NEEDS.

  1. Paying yourself. This is the fun one. Remember in tip #1 I said you need to live. Well her is where you will get your play money. BUT make sure it was budgeted for in tip #5.

  1. Budget your self-paycheck. Yes you read right. If you paid yourself $200 per paycheck are going to just blow it off in one shot? I would hope not. You need to create a budget for your set paycheck that you will be paying your self. Make it last. If you didn’t use it all - they voila - more money to save.
  1. Opening the right bank accounts. This is crucial to this saving money thing. You need bank accounts that have a good interest rate. 98% of the time these banks do not have a teller. They are online banks. Personally I love AMEX High Yield savings account with 0.90% interest rate. I will be researching other banking options so I might just find something better. We'll see.

  1. Limit Credit card usage unless you ALWAYS pays it off in full each month. Cards that allow you to use your points towards paying your bills are major to me.

  1. Learn to say no. I am sorry if I sound mean, but YOU ARE NOT a walking ATM. You need to save and better yourself. Helping family and friends (using your self paycheck) is fine sometimes you need to be selfish sometimes. You worked hard for your money. Sorry….....not sorry.

  1. Earn more money. There are other ways to increase or income. The most extreme is to get a second job. However for those like me who cannot do a second job, we have to find other ways. One way is with online surveys and attending paid seminars (yes people actually get paid to sit and listen to seminars). I will collect a list of these sites to register and share with you.

    Another way is to enroll in money back shopping sites like
    Ebates. Before shopping on line, log in through Ebates and you will get cash back on you purchases. I will post more details on Ebates

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What advice do you have on how to save more money in 2018? Please share with us!