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My Low Buy Year 2020 Challenge

My Low Buy Year 2020 Challenge | Reduce Spending, Saving More, Shop My Closet
I am a raging shopaholic. There, I said it! The question on the table is, ‘do I need everything that I buy’? Do you need everything that you buy? I think the answer to that is probably ‘NO’. 
I have made the decision to take on this Low Buy Year 2020 challenge with the goal of using what I have, falling in love with what I own and rediscovering my closet. The byproduct of this is that I will be saving more money. 
Would you like to do this Low Buy Year 2020 challenge with me? Here is how I plan to tackle this. First, let me make something very clear: I am not going to punish myself. I will never commit to a No Buy Year. This is a ‘low’ buy year challenge for me where I am spending smarter and spending less and saving more and finding happiness in the things I own versus buying new ‘stuff’. However there will be some items that I will not be buying such as luxury items and makeup. 
Ok now to the plan....this migh…