Going Natural - My Natural Hair Story

My Natural Hair Story!

Shelly Ann Cameron

 Why did I go natural?

I had been getting my hair relaxed/permed since I was 8yrs old. As long as I can remember, I have never had bouncing hair that I was madly in love with without the aid of weaves/extensions. My naked permed hair was so damaged you could see right through it and 'limp' was the best word to describe it. I did what I was told with no great results. Washed every two weeks, deep condition, wrap at night and made sure to not touch up frequently. However 'limp' was still the nickname until I got a good Remi installation. Then I was the Bomb.com (if u know what I mean. lol!)

My best friend went natural 2 yrs before I did. I still remember her trying to persuade me to chop my 'limpness' off and go natural. I gave every excuse you can think of as to why I cant do it: "my hair not soft like yours so it wont be able to comb", "natural hair is not for me" and the biggest one 'I wont look good with nappy hair'. How people were going to perceive me was a big thing that I had to get over. Well on Aug 6th, 2011, after trying to de-tangle two textures for hours I realize I was 'DONE'.  I grabbed a scissors and chopped off my permed hair and been natural since then. Now I have really strong healthy hair.

Signature Braid Out!

Am I happy I made the move to being Natural?

Extremely! Taking a scissors and chopping my limpness off seem like a small thing to some people but to me it was huge. Having an inch of hair was shocking to me because I was a ponytail girl. What was even more shocking was how I got to see my beauty beyond the hair. I fell in love with myself again. I was terrified to go to work the next day because for 5yrs working there this new 'do' was way outside Shelly's box. The compliments were coming left, right and center. I was amazed. I posted pics on Facebook and the response was the same. None of my hair extension installations received that much praise. My best friend was far above the moon when she saw what I did. I believe these are the things that kept me going.

Natural Hair is so versatile. The braidouts and twist outs and bantu knots and the good ole' wash n'go all excited me and still does. Mr Bobby pins and I created a great friendship and he has been keeping my hair styles flawless since then. Lol! I am glued to YouTube and the excitement to try a new style or product is still alive and kicking. Lol! I love being natural.

Has the transition changed you and how?

Yes, it has changed me. My outlook on life has changed. I know this is crazy that going back to how you were born and wearing the hair that grow from your scalp in its natural state should not be a big deal but it is. Growing up, kids who never had permed hair was teased and not seen as beautiful. There were no black nappy hair barbie in every toy store. Being natural was not something you do. Sounds crazy but we know its true.

I can honestly say I love myself more. Not that i never loved myself before, but I appreciate my raw beauty more (if that makes sense). Playing in my hair, researching new techniques and natural products is so much fun to me it makes me wonder who this new person is. Lol! But I wouldn't want it any other way. I will never have a perm again. If I feel the need for straight hair there is always a flat iron. Lol!

What is your basic hair care regimen! 


  • I shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo like Shea Moisture Curl&Shine Shampoo.
  •  Deep condition with my DIY deep conditioner mix (Click here for recipe).
  • Air dry 60% then I moisturize using the LOC method and then braid my hair. (I wear braidouts more than any other style)
Spray with my DIY hair mist and rebraid my hair.

What is your Story?

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  1. Go girl I luv the idea,luv your story I know its going to be a blessing to other people's and myself...:......LUV IT grl.

  2. I found your blog through Islandessence and I must say you girls are my inspiration!!! I have been natural for exactly 13 months now and can relate to almost everything you wrote above. Yesterday I made the decision to cut off my perm ends after wearing braids and other transitional styles for the past year. My hair was so damaged from the braids that all my perm ends were gone, lol! It was such a let down because I had mentally prepared myself to do the BC after agonizing over it for so long. I am looking forward to wearing my first two strand twist out to work tomorrow and can't wait to see what I will be working with. Thanks for sharing your experience and I will continue to tag along on your journey!

    1. Thanks Anon!

      I am happy you are inspired and also on your journey. We can do this together. Us girls can always learn from each other. Trudy (islandessence) is the one who made me start my journey and has been the rock behind my frustrations with this head of hair. it is so liberating to have all the permed hair gone as you probably now realize. Just stay strong, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!

      Thank you for liking my blog and i look forward to future visits from you and other naturals you know.

      -Shelly (GlamNatural)

  3. Really a great-2 thanks to you Shelly for sharing your story with us.I am really happy to read this.Thanks again.
    Going Natural


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