Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Low Manipulation Styling on Natural Hair

I am not a big fan of long protective styling even though I should be. I just feel like after a week of wearing them, I want to touch my hair again. Lol!

However, I do low manipulation styling on my natural hair instead. This is where you style your hair so that it can last for a few days and your ends - the weakest part of your hair- is tucked away. By doing low manipulation styles you can retain more length because your hair isn't out all the time. So, there will be less detangling and less manipulation done on the hair and your ends are protected.

My styles of choice are Flat Twist updos and Buns.

Flat Twists on Natural Hair

Flat Twist are great as protective styles because your ends are safely tucked away and you can easily get up to 5 days wear out of this style. At night I spritz with a little leave-in or water, tie with a satin scarf and go to bed. Wake up and just just go. Easy! This style is actually perfect for those of you girls who are transitioning and still have relaxed ends. If you don't know how to flat twist there is always YouTube. 

Below is a simple but cute Flat Twist Tutorial:

Flat Twist Tutorial by IslandEssence

High Buns on Natural Hair

Buns are my other favorite low manipulation style. Its so easy. Just do a regular puff then twist medium size pieces and pin the ends down with bobby pins. And your DONE! So easy but yet so elegant all while your ends are protected. At night spritz your with a leave-in or water then wrap scarf around the bun to lay the hair down then put a satin bonnet on. Wake up and GO!
Buns as Low Manipulation Styles

For more styling tutorials watch the video below:

What are your favorite low manipulation natural hairstyles?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shea Moisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System - Bright Auburn

Shea Moisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System - Bright Auburn

Hey Loves!

I am over the moon excited as I write this post. So, I tried the Shea Moisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System in the shade 'Bright Auburn' over the weekend. Ok, I have never in my entire life colored my hair, so you can only imagine how scared I was. However, I put my big girl panties on and embraced the red. And I love it!

First I must say that the packaging is fun to look at. The artwork is divine! All the boxes (no matter the shade) are intriguing in design. When you open the box the contents are nicely packaged in a pretty little bag inside. Emphasis was indeed placed on packaging - I must say. This system is moisture-rich, 100% Ammonia free and sulfate free. What's not to love? 

The Application:
The information booklet inside the box was very clear and descriptive. You could use the brush method if you know what you’re doing or if you’re like me who knows jack about coloring - then you use the bottle method. This was pretty easy. The color was in a tube and there was a developer bottle and you are supposed to mix the two together in the bottle, shake and apply. In no time my hair looked 'fire red'. I was actually scared it would look that red. 

Contents of the box!

After 30 mins I rinsed the color out until the water was clear. I have read and watched enough videos to know that after coloring your hair, it will feel stripped. But this didn't happen AT ALL! The Shea Moisture color system is 100% Ammonia-free so that is why my hair wasn't stripped. My hair took the color really well. My hair wasn't too red but it did scream ‘Look At Me!’ I loved it so far.

I then shampooed with the Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo that came in the box. Honestly, I love this shampoo and the bottle had a lot in it. I will certainly get at least 2 more washes out of what is left. It lathers so well and my hair felt soft and not stripped at all.

I conditioned with the Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner. I loved the conditioner but it was so hard to get it out of that bottle. Shea Moisture need to do something about that bottle situation. It’s not really squeezable and the conditioner is thick. Now, as it relates to the conditioner itself; I AM SOLD! I love the slip. I love how my hair sucks it up. I love how soft it left my hair. I LOVE! I LOVE! I LOVE! I LOVE! Ok that’s enough Shelly. LOL! I will be buying a full size of this conditioner (and thank God the full size has a pump).

I towel dried my hair and added some of the Raw Shea Reconstructive Finishing Elixir that came in the box. Then I applied my Curl and Style Milk and twist my hair and add some rods on the ends and that was the end of my process. I did notice it was bleeding. After twisting, my hands looked like it was in dye. I am not sure if I didn't do something right or what. However, I read online and asked around and see that bleeding is common after coloring. My question is: When will it stop? Advice needed so feedback encouraged.


Where can you purchase it?

Where to purchase a box is a question I have been getting a lot since I first posted a pic of the box on InstaGram. The hair color system is sold in select Target stores. However I have never seen it in NY and most people I know have never seen it either. So your best bet is to order online.

Price: $14.99


  • Ammonia-Free so it is not as harsh on your hair as regular box color systems
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Easy to apply yourself (save your salon money)
  • Decent sized shampoo, conditioners and elixir. (you can get another use out of it)
  • Left my hair feeling soft and moisture


  • Conditioner bottle is not squeezable so its hard to get the product out. (Work on that Shea Moisture!)

Overall I love the Shea Moisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System. I have never colored before and was scared out of my wits. But I see now that I had nothing to worry about. I love the color I got and love how my hair feels and look. The instructions in the box were step by step and very helpful for people like me who knows nothing about coloring. I am not enjoying the bleeding too much but I read that is normal at first. 
Grade: A+

Have you tried the Shea Moisture Hair Color System? If not, would you try it?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Natural Hair Song For Us Naturalistas

Pic src: Huttington Post

We all need something to inspire us on our natural hair journey. We need something to make us accept ourselves and love our naturalness. I GOT IT FOR YOU!

Qu'ality, an impressive artist shared this music video with me on twitter and I have to share it with you guys (even though you might have seen it already).

Click Play

Enjoy girls!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Uses of Apple Cedar Vinegar

Hey Guys!

I love apple cedar vinegar (ACV) so I wanted to share with you some of its benefits. ACV is good for many things and can be used in so many different ways.

The Many Uses of Apple Cedar Vinegar

Personally I primarily use it for 2 things:

1. Cook with.
Apple Cedar vinegar is acidic and adds flavor to your food. If you have high blood pressure you can add it to your pot instead of salt.

2. Rinse my Natural Hair
I use it to rinse my hair after washing to remove product buildup. Also, I have scalp eczema and it pretty much eliminates that. If you have dandruff or eczema problems I recommend an ACV rinse. Make sure you dilute it (one part ACV to one part water).

Do you use Apple Cedar Vinegar? How do you use it?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Basin.com Bath Bombs Review

Basin Store (Miracle Mile Las Vegas)

Hey Guys!

So I recently went to Las Vegas and found and fell in love with an organic body and bath store called Basin. While walking through the Miracle Mile Shops I stopped at this lovely store. It smelled so great and you can try everything (lotions, washes, bombs, scrubs, etc). At guys, everything in this place is organic.

Bath Bombs

I have never tried Bath Bombs before. The sales associate introduced me to these lovely things and she made me try some in a bowl of water. The balls fizzle when dropped in water hence the reason why they call it 'Bath Bombs'. When I washed my hands in the bath water my hands actually felt moisturized. Seeing this, I had to buy one to try in my hotel room. I couldn't wait to go back to the hotel and get my soak on. Lol!

Soaking in a moisture filled bath thanks to the Bath Bombs!

I made a bath of water with a little of the hotel shower gel for bubbles and then I dropped the bath bomb in the water. It started to fizzle really quickly. It was pretty cool actually. The bathroom suddenly smelled so good. I was ready to jump in.

After about 5 mins in the hot bath I was very relaxed and my skin felt soft. The aroma from these bath bombs are to die for. You couldn't tell me I wasn't at a spa. My boyfriend put some music on for me and left me to soak for about an hour. These balls add essential oils and moisture to any bath water. I enjoyed the  'ME' time and loved how my body felt enveloped in moisture. I didn't want to get out.

When I got out and dried off I couldn't help but notice how my soft my skin felt and it glowed. I did not need to lotion. We went walking on the Vegas strip afterwards and I realized my skin wasn't dried out. Trust me it was 105 degrees when we were in Vegas (scorching hot) so I walked with a travel size lotion all the time. But I did not need it.

I am very impressed by these bath bombs so I went back and bought a bath bomb barrel that you fill up with 6 small bombs. I also bought 2 large size oatmeal bombs. I tried the body scrub while in the store and I was very impressed at how soft it left my hands. Even my boyfriend was shocked that hours after his hands were still soft. I can only imagine how that would make my body feel. However they only have big sizes and we went to Vegas with carry on luggage only. So, we couldn't buy any.

Basin does not have stores all over the country but they do have a website. So I plan to order the scrub myself. Their prices are very reasonable. This store remind me of that body store called Lush. However Lush is super expensive for no reason. Basin is all organic which I love and very reasonable so I can a lot more for my money.

Visit their website www.basin.com to see what they have and order some goodies from the site. You will be happy with the price and variety of products.