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Highly Recommended Products for Locs!

Naturel Lyfe Liquid African Black Soap

I love african black soap. I normally buy a big block at the African Arts Festival in Brooklyn every summer and let it last me all year. I've always wished that I could have it in liquid form so that I can more easily use it in my hair.

Relax With a Glass of Green Smoothie!

Its certainly been a while since I have last made or even tasted a glass of smoothie. This is mostly due to being imprisoned by Gestation Diabetes throughout my pregnancy. I swear, everything I love, I could not have because it had too much sugar or starch so it felt like I was in prison. Lol! Now that DJ is here I can go back to making my healthy smoothies. It will also be great for me as I try to get my body back.
I decided to have a refreshing healthy snack tonight and this old favorite smoothie recipe came to mind.
Ingredients: Two big handfuls of baby spinachOne handful of frozen strawberriesOne small tangerineOne cup of coconut water That is all that you need! It tasted sooooo good and knowing that its good for you is simply a plus. This made about three generous servings. 
Do you make smoothies at home? Share your recipes. Would you like me to post more recipes?

Taste Of Motherhood

On December 23rd, I gave birth to my lovely son and got my first taste of motherhood as he looked at me for the first time. My life was about to change forever but for the better. 
Everyday during my hospital stay I would look at every finger, toe, wrinkle and facial expressions in disbelief that I now own a person. A person that I instantly fell in love with and one who will get my love unconditionally until I am old and gray and took my last breath. I love this little boy with all my being.

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Facial Care Kit

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Facial Care Kit
I received the Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Facial Care Kit for Christmas from my friend Robyn and I must say, I am in love. I have always wanted to try products from this company but haven't gotten my hands on them until now. If you have sensitive skin or simply want skin care products that isn't harsh on your skin, then Simple is the way to go. The Simple starter kit includes face cleaning wipes, moisturizing face wash and replenishing rich moisturizer. All of which are very gentle for all skin types - especially for sensitive skin.  It is the perfect little kit to throw in your purse as well. 
See below for my review:

New Years Hair Resolution 2015

Happy New Years to you guys!!!!!!!

I hope you had a great holiday and stepped into the new year with positive thoughts. Okay, I am not big on resolutions but I think having a plan to have as guidance is important. So let me ask, do you have any New Years Hair Resolutions for 2015? What are your plans for your hair in the new year?
Personally, I want to focus on my hair's health more. I want to simplify my regimen to accommodate motherhood and have healthier hair as a result. 
So share with us in the comment section below. What are your New Years Resolution for your natural hair?